Beautiful Mom

Scrub exfoliates hard to reach dead skin and stimulate blood circulation, thus providing a fertile environment for muscle healing and regeneration.

Glowing Mom

There are some women who take to pregnancy so beautifully that they have a certain glow about them, almost like an aura of motherly content.

Pre Baby Bliss Massage

This ultra gentle massage is tailored to the special needs of expectant mothers.

Pamper Me

This spa session package can be wonderfully relaxing and can keep your skin healthy. Just bear in mind your skin may be more sensitive now you're pregnant.

Heaven On Earth

Includes: Body Scrub, Nourishing Milk Bath, Pre-Baby Bliss, Facial, Classic pedicure.

Mommy TLC

By having this package, you can also pep up your mood and get those feel-good, pain-relieving endorphins flowing around your body, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.

After Labour


Specially designed to provide a few hours of sheer indulgence in privacy of your home.

Breast Care

A Therapeutic massage that works on soft tissues and tensed muscles, increasing fluid exchange around the breast area.

Caesarian Massage

After Pregnancy, your abdomen has just undergone tremendous change and it needs all the support it can get.

After Labour Indulgence

This invigorating full body massage is designed for mothers who have just delivered.


Baby n I (Package)

It's your quality time with your baby. Enjoy 80 minutes of fun and healthy

Baby Happy (Package)

Baby massage Baby Bath/’lil swim

Splish Splash Baby Bath

Rubber ducky will company you while you are having your colorfull baby bath.

'Lil Swim

For Baby over 3 months or 5 Kgs of weight

Baby Massage

Baby massage has been part of daily life in many cultures for centuries; the benefits are huge, resulting in a happier, healthier baby.

Jump Start Baby

Combines gentle massage, Gentle-isolated stretching, neurogical tapping and muscle strengthening baby exercises. Your baby will enjoy these relaxing and stimulating treatments!


Lil Pedicute

Pedicure for kids

Kids Choco Bath

Explore the fun of choco bath, a deep moisturizing bath to soften condition skin, to release body tension and stress

Kids Massage

Massage for relaxation and reduces kid stress level.

Lil Manicute

Manicure for kids

Smily n Yummy Face

This extra yummy chocolate mask, and relaxing face massage will give your kid big smily face.


Happy Feet; Lose The Student Blues; Clear Your Head; Cool The Cough; Immune Power; Back To Basic; High Jumper; Computer Cowboy; Tummy Magic; Strong Arms; Won't Miss The Migraine;

Him & Her


Champi Head, Neck and Shoulder; Anti Cellulite; Easing Menstrual Cramp; True Aroma; Lymphatic Drainage; Deep Tissue Massage;

Body Scrub

Coffee Scrub; Honey Oatmeal Glowing Me Scrub; Strawberry Body Scrub; White Glow Body Polish;

Body Wrap

Discover the new you with our herbal Boreh wraps

Nourishing Milk Bath

A deep moisturizing bath to soften condition skin, especially for dry and dehydrated skin.


Waki-waki Face Massage; Pure Glow Facial; Intensive H2O;

Depilatory Waxing

Strip waxing service for the face and body.

Hair and Scalp Treatment

Highly recommended for dry, irritated scalp and brittle hair conditions.

Hand and Foot Care

Light Feet; Perfect Pair; Classic Manicure; Pedicure;

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